Live Oak UU Fellowship
in Alameda

Membership at Live Oak 

Our congregation strives to create loving community, inspire spiritual growth, and encourage lives of integrity, joy, and service. We recognize in each other freedom of mind. We agree to impose no theological conditions of membership and respect differences of opinion among us.
Two members displaying the new Live Oak banner.
Guests are always welcome to participate in our services and programs and to contribute to the life of our fellowship. When guests recognize a desire to deepen their connection to this church community -- when they no longer view themselves as guests here -- it may be time to become a member.
First Steps
We encourage you to read about us on this website -- and perhaps review a bit about UUism on the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) website. Live Oak thrives because of its shared ministry, which means each of us plays an important role. Together, we quite literally keep the doors open and the programs running. This is our congregation. As members, we gratefully share in the life of the community.
We strongly encourage you to participate regularly in Sunday Services. Your presence is a meaningful addition to the community’s energy and power. A word, silence, music or a song may be a healing, encouraging or transformative moment for you. Or perhaps you will be the one to reach out warmly to welcome someone new, offer an affirming look, or say a transforming word to someone else. A small miracle may happen through you – or to you.
Expectations of Membership
  • Serve the congregation. We are grateful for and encourage your gifts, and will support you as you search for your ministry in the community: for example, providing pastoral care, teaching religious education, participating in creating worship, involvement in community service projects, serving as a greeter, or more – whatever capacity calls to you.
  • Serve the larger community around us. As individuals -- and as a congregation -- we give of ourselves to change our neighborhood, our city, and the world for the better. We will support your sense of mission and help you respond to your needs with compassion and action.
  • Make stewardship pledge and give generously (as you are able) to support this congregation and its work.
  • Cultivate your own spiritual life: for example, participate in adult religious education classes; meditate; pray; read scripture, poetry, or other inspirational words; commune with nature; keep a journal; etc. There are many ways to enrich your spirit -- both alone and in the community.
How to Join
Sign the membership book. Any Sunday, after the service, ask for a Board Member. Any of them will be happy to talk with you about membership and will direct you to the Membership Book if you are ready. Several times a year, we will officially welcome new members into the congregation during a worship service.
Benefits of Membership
Of course, the greatest benefit of membership is the opportunity to deepen your own commitment, spiritual growth, and service to the community. In addition, as a member of the fellowship, you have the right to vote at all congregational meetings and elections. And, if you wish, you can be nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Trustees or the Nominating Committee. And when Live Oak is recognized as a congregation by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), you will also automatically be a member of the UUA and receive its magazine. In the meantime, you may enjoy the content of the magazine on-line.
Our membership in the UUA and the Pacific Central District will allow us to “stand and be counted” as a liberal religious body so we may have more influence in making real the values and vision we have for ourselves and the world around us.