Live Oak UU Fellowship
in Alameda

Why We Chose the Name Live Oak

The Live Oak embodies many of the qualities to which we aspire as a congregation. The term "Live Oak" embraces a diversity of oak trees around the globe. The acorns of the Coast Live Oak, natively abundant in Northern California, provided a nourishing staple for many Native American cultures of the region. Its name formed part of the Spanish name of what is now the city of Oakland, from which this congregation sprung.
Live Oaks are hardy, dense, and long-lived. Their evergreen branches may reach twice as broadly as high, providing perennial shade and shelter to living things wild and domestic, and inviting smaller creatures -- plant and animal -- to rest upon their limbs and enjoy their vistas.
The Live Oak UU Fellowship aspires to its namesake's diversity, generosity, breadth, durability, sanctuary, harmony with its natural environment, and embracing hospitality. Come and grow with us.