Live Oak UU Fellowship
in Alameda

Funding the Fellowship of Our Dreams

Each year in the spring, members and friends make a pledge to donate -- as generously as they are able -- to this fellowship. Our pledges support the growth, vision, maintenance, and day-to-day operations of the fellowship. We ask everyone who is able to make a generous Stewardship pledge in support of our vision. For guidance on what is a “Fair Share” pledge based on your specific circumstances.
  • Most of our pledging members and friends find it easiest to have their pledges taken from a bank account automatically each month.  It's easy to set up.
Thank you to all who have already committed to donating. Your generosity should bring you joy in supporting this wonderful fellowship.
Q&A About Pledging  
1. What is a “pledge”?
A pledge is a promise to donate a certain amount of money to the fellowship within the coming fiscal year.
2. Why should I pledge?
Pledging is a spiritual statement of your ongoing support for the shared ministry/vision/passions of the Live Oak UU Fellowship. It is a statement about your values, your priorities, and your vision for our world. It tells the world that you are a “steward” who embraces our values and ideals. On a practical level, when members and friends of the congregation pledge their financial support for the upcoming calendar year, the fellowship can make realistic spending plans regarding space rental, bringing in outside speakers for worship, marketing our fellowship, hiring consultants, programming, supporting members attending workshops, and operating expenses.
3. How is my pledge used?
Pledge payments are used to fund the ongoing activities, projects, and operational costs of Live Oak, allowing us to live out our values to the best of our abilities. Our pledges fund the programs and work of the fellowship, including worship and music, religious education, and social justice projects.
4. Is pledging an obligation of membership?
Yes. Along with generous contributions of your time, and talents, when members join the fellowship, they commit to making regular financial contributions to support the fellowship and the broader UU community.
5. I’m not a member but I want to make a pledge to support the Fellowship. Can I?
Absolutely. Many people who are friends make an annual pledge to support their religious communities. We welcome your generosity.
6. When should I pledge?
Pledges are made year-round as people join this community. Every year, in the spring, there will be an annual fundraising drive that allows us to come together to evaluate our vision and plan for the future and provide the funding for it. After the fundraising drive, the members of the fellowship will have an opportunity to help plan – and approve -- the budget for the upcoming year.
7. After I pledge, how do I pay my pledge?
Many people make direct deposits from their bank account, so that a monthly transfer takes place automatically. Most Live Oak'ers use the auto withdrawal. You may pay your pledge monthly, quarterly, or annually by check, either mailing it to our mailing address or dropping it in the Sunday collection.
Regardless of how you pay your pledge, you will receive a quarterly statement indicating how much you have pledged for the year and how much of that pledge has been received. (Calendar year statements are sent out in January for tax purposes).
8. How much does the church expect me to give?
You’re expected to give as generously as you are able, and we urge members to make a “Fair Share” pledge consistent with their annual adjusted gross income. In addition to providing funds for our operating costs, we will be setting aside money for future expenses. Those might include purchasing more hymnals, for example, and for paying our APF (Annual Program Fund) dues to the UUA and to the District (Pacific Central District). Live Oak has already committed to paying our Fair Share (another term for the APF) once we are an affiliated congregation. That cost is approximately $80/member. Each person is encouraged to donate generously.