Live Oak UU Fellowship
in Alameda

Small Groups Ministry

Live Oak UU offers Small Group Ministries for all who are interested in deepening and expanding their faith and their connections to others.
Small-Group Ministry consists of intentional lay-led small groups (8-10 members) of people who agree to meet over the next year on a regular schedule of either once or twice a month. Each gathering is 90-minutes long and is facilitated by one (or revolving) leaders.

Sessions have a simple format that includes an opening reading, a check-in (how is each person doing), a time for exploration and discussion of a particular topic, and a closing. Themes are chosen to help the group members get to know themselves and each other more deeply.

Each group is autonomous and chooses themes and subjects that are relevant to its members. Live Oak currently has two different groups. One meets on Wednesday evenings, and one meets on Friday evenings.

If you want more information -- or are ready to join a group -- email and we will put you in touch with the coordinator for these groups.