Live Oak UU Fellowship
in Alameda

Our Mission and Vision

We create loving community through worship and service to others

Live Oak's organizational structure is based on our mission (We create loving community through worship and service to others) that we developed in 2012.

It is our intent that any project we take on, any committee or task force formed, will help us fulfill our mission, by
     a) building community,
     b) providing worship or faith development, or
     c) serving others.

Some activities may do more than one, of course!
Our Vision Statement:

Our Vision Statement was developed in 2009, right after Live Oak was formally organized. 
  • We gather to remind ourselves of the sacred privilege of being alive.
  • We worship to enhance our spiritual growth; we do this with humility, open minds and hearts, and in vibrant, meaningful, and musical ways.
  • We provide a safe and exhilarating place for our children and adults to learn and grow, appreciating our differences, showing understanding, compassion, and respect.
  • We govern ourselves with transparency, accountability, and responsibility, under the guidance of our shared ministry
  • We give generously of our time, talents, and treasure for the greater good of our fellowship and the larger community around us.
  • We help each other find ways to live more responsibly, sustainably, and justly; and to work for justice.