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Educational Opportunities:
  • Intro to Gospel of Thomas
  • Myth at the Movies
  • Personal Myth and the Sacred
  • Webinars: UU / Church Subjects
September 14: Sunday in the Park (Crab Cove) 
September 21: People's Climate March & Live Oak 
September 24: Help with Homeless Count in Alameda 
Heartfelt Thanks to Several 
Children's Religious Education News 
National Coming Out Day
Educational Opportunities

September 20 Workshop: Introduction to The Gospel of Thomas 
You may remember Carolyn West, the storyteller for Northbrae Community Church and a published poet and essayist, captured our attention with her tale of some travelers (just after Jesus was crucified) who encounter (but don't recognize) Jesus on the road. While sharing that story, she referred to the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. Several people afterward asked about that text -- a book deemed heretical and banned by the Catholic Council of Nicea in 325.

Carolyn is offering an introductory class on this Gospel on Saturday, September 20, 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the UU Church of Berkeley in Kensington. The fee for this workshop is $20. Carolyn suggests participants read this brief text before the class. It consists of 114 koan-like "sayings" of Jesus. (The link is to a translation available free online at

Carolyn is a dynamic presenter. If you missed her turn in our pulpit, you may hear her story/homily on our website. Just scroll down to April 6, 2014 to listen. (And she'll be preaching for us again in November!)

Note: Richard Stromer plans to attend this workshop and will be happy to carpool with any other folks who are interested in joining him.

Our Own Richard Stromer Offers Two Series of Classes on Mythology

Myth at the Movies

 Cinema is a powerful and captivating medium for exploring the mythic, archetypal nature of our experience as human beings. This class will continue explore a rich variety of mythic and archetypal themes and characters from the world of film. We will also focus on some of the perennial mysteries of the human condition, including the evolution of consciousness, the power of love, the enigma of faith, the magic of imagination, the perplexity of madness, and that ultimate unknown, the mystery of death. More info and a list of the movies we will explore. Classes are the

1st Tuesday of the month from October 2014 through June 2015, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Class is held at the UU Church of Berkeley in Kensington. Suggested fee for the entire series is $50 -- or $7.00 per session. Please contact Richard as 510-682-6302 or for more information.  


Personal Myth and the Sacred

In this study group we'll explore the mythic nature of our personal experience of the sacred, considering how stories from the world's great wisdom traditions mirror our own experiences of the holy. In addition, we'll seek to deepen our relationship to the images and symbols that reflect our experience of holiness. Through opportunities for reading and shared reflection, we will endeavor to expand our appreciation of the personal and communal dimensions of our sacred myths. Class is on the third Wednesday of each month from September 2014 through May 2015, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. A little more info. Class is held at the UU Church of Berkeley in Kensington. Suggested fee: $60. Please contact Richard as 510-682-6302 or for more information.     


UU Webinars Available for All   


The Pacific Western Region (which includes our district, Pacific Central District) offers a number of Webinars for folks. The upcoming webinars have a fee ($15 or so), but may be very worthwhile. Upcoming topics include a series on Social Media and the Church; Digital Theological Mosh series; Lay Pastoral Ministry; and more. But the real bargain: Recordings of webinars from the past two years are also available. You can't ask questions, obviously, but you get all the content. And they are free. Some of the past topics you may listen to: Worship for Small Congregations (Pt. 1 & 2); Worship Associate Training; Growth & Vitality for Small Congregations. 


Here's the link to the webinars. Just scroll down to find the free ones. If you listen to one you think would be valuable for others, please let us know! 


Three September Events You Need to Know About  

Sunday in the Park: Crab Cove on Sunday, September 14

Once again, we will gather for the 2nd Sunday of the month (Sept. 14) in a park. But this time, we will meet at Crab Cove at Crown Memorial State Beach. Our DRE, Wesley Mosloko (formerly Morrison-Sloat) has special plans for the children and youth that day. They will enjoy the Visitor's Center at Crab Cove. Note: The fish feeding takes place at 3:00 p.m., so Wesley would like the kids to be there by 2:45 p.m.  Email Lisa Fry or Wesley with questions -- or watch for the reminder email.

Live Oak @ People's Climate March, NorCal: Sunday, September 21 
Let's be part of this nationwide call to demand change! More info here. The event will be at Lake Merritt (the new amphitheatre). We would love to have a Live Oak presence there! (But remember, there is also a worship service that afternoon, so we hope folks will make an effort to attend both! Contact for Live Oak's contingent is Bruce Langley. More info in this PDF.

City of Alameda Homeless Count: Needs Our Help on September 24  


APC has asked if we can help with this important opportunity. Time? Early morning (6:00-8:00 a.m.) on Wednesday, September 24. There is also a short training at 7:00 p.m. on September 17. Contact Renee Harper or Bruce Langley for more info. We would really like to support this effort. Thanks!


With Heartfelt Thanks ... 

We owe so much to so many! Live Oak'ers
are terrific at helping our own community -- and helping others. Today we want to mention just a few. Watch for more thank you's in our newsletters in the future. And please let us know of people you think deserve to be recognized! Just email Lisa Fry with your suggestions.Thanks!

Here's a start on our thank you's:  
  • A small, but hearty group of Live Oak'ers spent a morning filling backpacks for Alameda school kids last month. We are grateful to Mark Daniel, David & Lisa Fry, Jay Roller, and the Rossi family (Ximena, Bruno, Renzo, and Franco) for their commitment to this effort! Yay! 
  • We are so glad Live Oak is able to give away our entire collection at every worship service. Since our fellowship started (five and a half years ago), we have given $30,309.32 to (mostly) local non-profits! Woo-hoo! Many thanks to each and every one who generously put money in the plate.
  • Many thanks to Nancy Balassi for making sure we have dishwasher volunteers! She has such a knack for asking folks to help! Gotta' love that. And while we are at it, here's a special thank you to a couple of guys who regularly pitch in with this task: Bill Hieb and Jay Roller!

  Don't forget to let us know about others who deserve a thank you!



Children's Religious Education (CRE) News 

Book Suggestions: With our emphasis on our environment and global warming (and the People's Climate March), we thought parents might like a list of books that help teach our children the importance of our earth. As DRE Wesley mentioned in a letter to families recently, the Children's RE program will focus on the Seventh Principle this year, "Respect for the Interconnected Web of All Existence of which We Are a Part." The Children's RE Committee hopes you find this list (PDF) helpful.

Mentoring Reminder: We are starting a mentoring program, matching one adult to each of our
young people to serve as their mentor. Our hope is the mentor and youth will  develop a friendship that will encourage conversation about faith and issues of importance to the young person. In addition, perhaps they'll go bowling or take a hike or choose a community service project to work on together. Perhaps, together, they'll get involved in an aspect of a worship service (the Story for All Ages, the Chalice Lighting/Opening, e.g.). Interested? Then email Wesley. Or you may phone or text him at 402-659-2684.    


National Coming Out Day: Saturday, Oct. 11

Save the date! Our Welcoming Congregations Committee (Bernadette Alexander, Lisa Fry, and Richard Stromer) are planning a gathering for all of us to celebrate National Coming Out Day. Want to help? We'd love to have you! To get involved -- or to ask questions, email Lisa Fry.

Email options: We maintain two separate email lists. One gets ONLY reminder announcements of upcoming worship services. The other gets those notices, plus information about congregational meetings, activities, religious education, newsletters, and more. You are welcome to be on either list. Please let Lisa ( know if you wish to be moved from one list to the other -- or if you wish to be removed from our email list altogether. Note: We also have a listserv for members & friends of Live Oak. You may join it, at any time, by sending an email to
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